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T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation has one main objective and that is to ensure that the academic achievement gap that exists in our public education school system today be narrowed until it is closed.  The ratio of poor, underprivileged students and students of color versus middle -upper class students is a stammering number when it comes to academic success.  T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation is doing our very best to make that number smaller each day. 


Our purpose is to ensure academic excellence for every student no matter what their socio-economic status or race.  These goals can be achieved through T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation. Our organization has proven results with students successfully reaching and exceeding their goals in attaining their college degrees.  T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation would like to inform parents and students in grades 8-12 as well as college about the opportunities that our organization has available to assist them with accomplishing academic success by contacting our offices today and becoming a client. 


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