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Frequently Asked Questions:


 Q: Where are you located?
 A: We are located in Lexington, Kentucky 40511.

 Q: Who is eligible?
 A: Any person with a high school diploma, GED or presently in high school or college.

 Q: How much does the consultation cost?
 A: The initial consultation is 30 minutes and is free, additional consultations are based on the       services selected by the client.

 Q: Are the fees refundable? 

 A: No.

 Q: When do I start?
 A: After your initial consultation.

 Q: What if I don't want to go to school right now?
 A: T.C.M. Educational Consultants would like to remain a resource for you whenever you are ready     to attend school.

 Q: How often can I meet with my Professional Consultant? 

 A: Your Professional Consultant will collaborate with you to schedule the meetings.

 Q: Do you offer any money to students?

 A: T.C.M. does not offer any money to students directly, we assist you with finding  money for your higher education.


Still have more questions?

Contact our office: 859-490-8366 Office, MWF by appointment only.  We will answer any additional questions you may have.


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T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation

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