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T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation Overview:

A greeting from T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation, our website is the gateway to your higher education pathway!  T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation is a nonprofit organization that assists clients with achieving their higher education goals! Would you like to attend a traditional university, small college, private institution, nontraditional program, culinary school or study abroad? Are you frustrated because you believe these options are out of your reach?  Then, T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation is just for you!  Our Professional Educational Consultants are ready to assist you right now. Our motto at T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation is “Enlighten, Educate, Empower,” here we teach our clients to seek and reach higher heights!


T.C.M. Educational Consultants Corporation offers highly qualified professional consultants who support you with choosing  your college/university, major, completing the admissions package, searching for scholarships and grants, researching career options and FAFSA consultation.


Professional Services offered by T.C.M.:

  • Reliability
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Financial Aid Guidance
  • Professional Consultant relationship


T.C.M.’s Professional Educational Consultants are:

  • Consistent
  • Effective
  • Have Proven Results
  • Highly Qualified
  • Dedicated


Which institution is right for you?


Your T.C.M. Professional Educational Consultant will assist you in making that decision. We are proud of our clients and the guidance our Professional Educational Consultants have given them.


To find out how we can assist you, contact us: (859)490-8366 MWF, by Appointment Only.

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Phone: (859) 490-8366


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*After hours available


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